10 Best and Impressive Men’s Hairstyle for Short Long and Medium with Thick Hair of 2020

Men’s Hairstyle for Short Long and Medium with Thick Hair in men is a guarantee of a great hairstyle. Everyone wants thick hair if you have it then you have to know what to do with this. You can choose classic sporty or do experiments with a haircut or styling finishes.

Thick hair can both cursed and blessing. The curse is because it may difficult to maintain their disorderly hair, bless because they can easily style easily. It depends on you that how you carry thick hair.

Men’s Hairstyle for Short, Long and Medium with Thick Hair:

Curls on Top and Short side:

If you are looking for a hairstyle with curly or wavy hair then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Hairstyle carries the fashion that is the trendy volume on the top and short sides.

Chin Length Hair:

In these days mostly boys like to have long hair. This is the best hairstyle for men. Long hair looks perfect with curly and wavy hair but you don’t hesitate if you have straight hair.

Structural Thick Hair:


If you don’t want to have fade hairstyle or trim your side hair frequently then you should keep the sides long with structural haircut. Cut the top hair longer than the side but don’t make it too much tight. Hairstyle is very easy to manage. 

Comb Over and Fade:

Comb over is very famous hairstyle.  It is very classic and timeless hairstyle. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can make it your own by adding some texture or style. Hairstyle looks great on any guy with thick hair. If you have comb over with fade this combination is very impressive.

Thick Pompadour:

It is very difficult to set the pompadour hairstyle you need to have practice few days. Once you learn how to set it then you will make it in few minutes. Use round hair brush from top to back. Use heat protection cream and some hair spray set your hair.

Short Texture Urban Haircut:

All the best hairstyle for men with thick hair is not involved fade. This one is texture or medium length around the head. Making it spiky from front can make it beautiful.

Slick Back Hairstyle:

Looking for hairstyle that works for formal? This is fully slicked back hairstyle that works for both straight and wavy hair. It is very timeless hairstyle.


Quiff is certainly most stylish hairstyle for men with thick hair. Quaff hairstyle is cut with short side, back and long hair on top. Fade and undercut can work with this hairstyle.

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