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Best Racing Games for Android Offline



Racing Games for Android Offline

Best Racing Games for Android Offline are the most popular in lockdown days. If you are at home and want to play racing games then we suggest you the best and top racing games for android offline.

There are many types of racing games like a bike , road rash, car racing, bike racing, track racing, and many more. We will suggest you here different types of racing games for android offline. You will play these games offline and for these no need to wifi or mobile data.

MR RACER: Car Racing Game 2020:-

Racing Games for Android Offline

Mr Racer is the #1 Free Offline Car Racing Game 🚘🚗. The Mr Racer game is an exciting and challenging racing game to surprise you!
Drive with amazing superpower at high speed to beat traffic. Very easy to play, very fun to run.

  • 100 levels in Challenge mode: let’s see how many you can complete!
  • Unlimited Chase Mode Levels: Best of the breed, hunt opponents and prove you are a champion.
  • 12 super hypercars to run.
  • Upgrade your cars to improve performance and complete challenges.
  • Customize your vehicles with fresh paints and cool wheels.
  • Sign your name on the car nameplate as a signature.
  • Different camera angles: first-person view, third-person view and top to bottom view.

Crazy Car Traffic Racing Games 2020: New Car Games:-

Racing Games for Android Offline

Crazy Car Traffic Racing: Crazy Car Driving. Gamexis Inc. proudly presents new and updated games, and one of them is Crazy Car Games 2020. If you are crazy about car racing games and want to have fun with Endless racing and drag racing, then this new game of car racing is recommended for you. For car racing, the best option is the insane car race. We inform you that 3D racing games are a completely free game to install. New car games are available online and new games in 2020 are one of the best offline games.

We have developed different modes of driving games. So let’s have an overview of them in our increasingly popular games Imagine you are lonely and bored, then you have a chance to slow down the boring, extended driving game. Even if you are at work and your work has tired you. Then you have to play Endless racing game mode in crazy car traffic racing games. After playing this mode you will feel relaxed. The important thing for you is that if you do not have an Internet or WIFI connection, it is best to install Endless racing games. As it is one of the best offline games of 2020.

Bike Stunt 2 New Motorcycle Game – New Games 2020:-

Racing Games for Android Offline

Bike Stunt 2 New Motorcycle Game – Free game 2020 Call the best bike rider; the Racing bikes are ready for online & offline race. Download the offline free game if you love to play offline motorcycle games. Discover the hard-core bike best game players, bike game fans & bike racing gamers across the globe already know because The Knights Pvt Ltd Launched the BIKE STUNT 2 after the success of BIKE STUNT 1. Be the best bike racer; accelerate your racing bike to perform extreme stunts in offline & online tracks. Choose the best bike & start bike racing. Play one of the best bike games for free, online & offline bike race.

These are the best and top rated racing games for android user to play offline. We hope you will enjoy to play these games.If you have any other racing game then tell us in comments.

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Best Screen Stream over HTTP Android App



Screen Stream over HTTP

Screen Stream over HTTP permits seeing the gadget screen in your internet browser (no stable help). No need for any extra programming aside from this application and an internet browser. No irritating promotions or pop-ups. The application works by means of WiFi and additionally 3G/LTE arrange (If the cell administrator doesn’t square approaching associations with the gadget). Supporting IPv4 and IPv6.

Application Source Code:

The application source code is get from GitHub.

The primary thought is to show your gadget screen during introductions and demos. It utilizes MJPEG to encode screen pictures and send them through the system. So it works with any work area or portable program which bolsters MJPEG (Chrome, Safari, EDGE, Firefox).

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Quick and stable WiFi suggested on account of high traffic and low system postpone necessity. No Web required, be that as it may, there must be a system association between the customer and the gadget. The quantity of customer associations is boundless, however, know that every one of them requires some CPU assets and transmission capacity to send information. The application utilizes the Android Cast includes and requires at any rate Android 5.0 to run.


  • This is certifiably not an ongoing gushing application. The normal deferral is at any rate 0.5-1 second or more on moderate gadgets, terrible WiFi, or substantial CPU load by different applications.
  • This application isn’t intended for spilling video, particularly HD video. Use Chromecast.
  • This application doesn’t bolster SOUND spilling, on the grounds that MJPEG doesn’t bolster the sound.
  • Some cell administrators may square approaching associations with your gadget for security reasons, along these lines, regardless of whether the gadget has an IP address from a cell administrator, you will most likely be unable to interface with the gadget on utilizing this IP address.
  • Some WiFi systems (for the most part open/visitor) square associations between its customers for security reasons, so you will most likely be unable to interface with the gadget by means of WiFi. For instance, a PC and a telephone in this such a WiFi system won’t have the option to interface with one another.

Known Issues:-

  • On a few gadgets, framework returns picture in the obscure configuration. For the most part on gadgets with no official Android 5.0 or above. Conceivable Android bug. The application will show a blunder message. No arrangement is accessible.
  • On a few gadgets, no notice symbol appearing yet notice is available. Android bug: 213309.

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WhatsOpen (Open in Whatsapp)




WhatsOpen is an app that saves your mobile data and, you can open chat in Whatsapp with any number even if you won’t add it to your contact list. Just with one step, you can open Whatsapp chat of any phone number who has Whatsapp.

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Features of the WhatsOpen:-

  • Enter a phone number and open chat directly
  • Save numbers to use later
  • Country code detected automatically
  • Option to change Country Code
  • Useful when added a number outside your country
  • Delete numbers from your integrated list
  • Easy and clean interface
  • Chat whit your self

Knows About App:-

  • An unknown number called you and you want to know if they have Whatsapp?
  • You need to send a message to someone but you don’t want to save it as a contact?
  • Do you want to start a chat with yourself?
  • Just open the app and enter the phone number (with prefix).

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This app uses an official Whatsapp API to open a chat with any number you enter without creating it as a contact on your device.

NOTE: This application is not related to Whatsapp company in anywayShow More

WhatsOpen (Open in Whatsapp) 1.9.8 Update

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Call Free – Call to Phone Numbers Worldwide



Everyone wants free minutes to call worldwide. Call Free – Call to Phone Numbers Worldwide is a free app that gives you the facility to call free of cost all over the world. Call Free is the best and most download app on the Google Play Store.

Enjoy truly free calls! Download this VOIP wifi calling online app & enjoy free calls worldwide to any mobile & landline! Say goodbye to phone bills and use Call Free now.

Contact inside and outside the country without additional costs. Call free is a VoIP Wifi Call App. Just call your India friends, Just call your US friends Just call anyone anywhere, Just Call to any cell phone, local or abroad now! It is completely Free.


What’s the call app do you want?
I think you are finding a phone call app with Completely FREE & No Phone Bills

  • Call Free allows you to make international VOIP calls to India across the globe for free, even if the recipient has no Internet connection.
    -Popular countries include wifi call India, call the USA, call Nigeria, call Pakistan, call Germany, call India and call the UK.
    -we pay the VOIP bills for you, so it is completely free
Call Free
Call Free

What’s the call app do you want?
I think you are finding wifi calling app with Clear & Stable Calling

  • Dial away and make high-quality phone calls with voice quality that is crystal clear, just like making phone calls from a landline.
    -Our VoIP call app technology automatically detects and adjusts to your connection speed, which means more stable calls and higher quality.

What’s the call app do you want?
I think you are finding a free calling app with Unlimited Call Credits

  • You have many choices to earn credit, the most simple just need one tap. Earn more credits via completing some funny tasks.

What’s the call app do you want?
I think you are finding a free call app with New user bonus
-Each new user free reward 1000 credits

Supported Android devices include Samsung, Nexus, and Xiaomi.
Now Download this free call app, Just make a phone call Now
-Connecting you with your international friends and family.
-Enjoy free wifi phone calls with your friends and family abroad.
-Start your free VoIP calls to India, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Pakistan Now!

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