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Soothink Logo Maker Pro is a professional logo maker for logo designers. Download Soothink Logo Maker Pro for your projects and make professional logos for your websites and blogs.

Why Choose Soothink Logo Maker Pro:-

Smart & fastest way to make symbolic logo maker & graphic tools with rich built-in resources that make your logo stunning and professional. Here are some feature of Soothink Logo Maker Pro

Master Color Schemes:-

Over 2000 preset color schemes for any DIY design. You choose a dominant color and a pattern in Color Wheel, we list four-color palettes to colorize your logo. You can add any color to your text and images.

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This color schemes helps you to make your logo professional and stunning.

Huge Variety of Effects:-

Utilize rich effect styles from shadow, bevel, to gradient, with one-click application. Easily make text logos by converting text into shapes. Stylize your logo.

Free Logo Resources:-

Provide 500+ free logo templates and more than 5000 logo resources. Also support importing PNG/JPG/BMP/GIF/ SVG/SWF files for use in logo designs.

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Here are more salient features:

  • Expert Drawing Tools
  • Friendly User Experience
  • Mix & Match Skills
  • Boost your Business with Logo Design
  • Get Logos at Lower Costs
  • Onetime investment
  • Build your own identity
  • Simple and Professional

Download Soothink Logo Maker Pro:-

Download Soothink Logo Maker Pro full activated. We provide these files for educational purposes only and we do not upload these files on our servers. We upload these files on a third party server and recommended buying the original copy from venders.


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