Product Key

What is a Product Key and where and when it is used? A Product Key also is known as Software Key. Product Key is a list of words that contains numeric and alphabets. It is a specific computer-based program. It certified that this copy of the software or program is original and genuine.


Standard key generation, where product keys are generated mathematically, is not completely effective in preventing software copyright infringement, as these keys can be distributed. More study on the overall effectiveness of product keys is needed to enforce the copyright of the software. Additionally, with the rise of the Internet and better communication, more complex attacks on keys such as keys (eliminating the need for keys) and product key generators have become commonplace.

Because of this, software publishers are increasingly turning to alternative methods to verify that the keys are valid and non-binding. One method, product verification, assigns a product key based on a unique characteristic of the buyer’s computer hardware (such as its MAC address), which cannot be easily replicated because it depends on the user’s hardware. It is. Other advanced methods require periodic authentication of the CDK with the Internet server (for games with an online component, whenever the user logs on). Verification can be done by the server, avoiding cracks in it (as is the case with the client). The server can also blacklist all CD keys that are considered illegal or explicitly prohibited and are denied access.


Some of the most effective Product Key protection is very controversial, due to strict enforcement and harsh penalties. In other cases false positives. CD Product Key protection has been linked to Digital Rights Management. This Product Key is the license to a user certified that this user used a legal product and there is no objection to his/her product.

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