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I was talking to a friend recently and he asked me what phone I was using and it was the galaxy note 20 ultra-sitting right in front of me and so I said oh nice cool so how do you like it and this is the moment where I have to try to distill all of my thoughts and my testing and my thoughts like one sentence that’s easily digestible to a you know a regular everyday person that’s not in the Tech world and what came out of my mouth Tech world it is it’s really nice but it’s also 1300 so it better be and so when I setbacks really think about it and to put together all my thoughts for this full review for you guys that thought really just kept coming back to me over and over because at this price you really only see like the crazy first gen experimental like the flagships the bleeding edge absolute best that a company has to offer and this this is a 1300 flagship so it’s got tube top of the line at basically everything to even consider it worth buying and the note 20 ultra for me kind of lives up to that first of all this is the best looking best built phone.

Samsung has ever made in my opinion the matte sort of soft touch finish on the back the boxy flat top and bottom the razor thin bezels the chambers at all the metal rails and edges even this color this mystic bronze is not normally a look I go for it’s kind of pink from some angles but also kind of rose gold from some other angles but actually kind of like it and I like the contrast with the dark camera bumps all the way around like I said from the first time I picked up this metal and glass phone in my first metal and screams quality and with Samsung’s flagships there’s always also a bunch of the little things that also add up to make that premium feeling experience things that we would be nitpicking and complaining about if they weren’t here for this price but they are here so the vibration motorist really high quality the same ultrasonic in display fingerprint readers back here and it’s pretty fast there’s wireless charging that’s here reverse wireless charging is here there’s ip 68 water resistance all the stuff we kind off take for granted to be in a Samsung flagship but it is all here again just no headphone jack.

I think the two main things that make this an ultra-note are the display and the s pen so the display at the risk of sounding risk of is a plus ultra-sitting but it is an awesome screen it’s a 6.9 inch quad had super a mole display it’s got her certification the 120 hertz refresh rate the tiny hole punch in the top of the middle outstanding maximum and minimum brightness it’s crispy it’s great I mean it’s just great screen but there are believe it or not both pros and cons to this ultra-screen the main con being it is ultra-screen it has curved edges and yes I did experience accidental touches occasionally and I think that happened more often thanks to the hand gymnastics that are required to handle such a big screen like the se’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m on the side of preferring web pack to flat displays but this one is not flat but also of course having a huge display that goes right up to the edges and a tiny hole punch cutout.

I mean that makes a pretty solid media experience although I will say maybe my only hardware disappointment in this phone is the speaker system not that it’s problematic it’s not bad at all it’s just easy to block that bottom speaker and it is a stereo pair with the earpiece but overall despite its Dolby ammo support I was unimpressed with the actual quality or fullness of the sound from the speakers the specs behind the display are all high-end as you’d expect if you didn’t already know snap dragon865 plus and this unit has 12 gigs of ram now you know and that combined with the 120 hertz displays really everything I want in a smartphone nowadays you’ve heard me talk about high refresh rate it makes its way to yet another flagship here in the note and yes I still love it there were no problems with performance and smoothness from my usage was great also behind the notes displays the same ultrasonic fingerprint reader we saw in the s 20 ultra and it’s ultra-impressive and ultra-similar to last year’s performance nothing ultra-special here and then you got yourself a 4500 milli amp hour battery now.

I ‘mold enough to remember when Samsung galaxy note was like the ultra-sitting big battery phone it was a battery champ it was the phone that us nerds would take to corb eaus it was just the battery you couldn’t kill in one day it’s not that anymore you know shocker you can kill this 4 500 milli amp shocker you a giant 120 hertz display using it all the time you can kill it even if it’s not a quashed but with typical use note 20 ultra’s battery is good like it’s six hours of screen anti feeding a day with 15 to 25 battery left regularly good and I have no problems with that especially when this phone also supports 45 watt when this there’s wireless charging so it’s good if you really want the extra next level battery champ there are other phones including the brother of this phones20 ultra which is kind of just like the same form factor minus the s pen that’s a 5 000 milli amp hour battery so that’s better but this is good okay let’s talk about the camera I have a lot to say about this camera system as you can probably imagine.

I’ll try to keep it concise here first of all this camera bump is huge it’s huge and there are other phones with big camera bumps big camera systems but something about this one just being a straight up shelf like it’s not tiered like the s 20 ultra or rounded or you know a double shelf like some others they don’t try to hide it it’s just a big block on the back of this phone that sticks out so much that it actually has a tendency to gather dust in the corners around it but I honestly don’t hate it it’s like they’re owning it it’s a character piece that you know maybe has time to grow on you the rings around the three cameras to me I think is a good look and you do get a great array of cameras it’s the 108 megapixel standard camera that sort of rattles a bit when you shake it because it’s so brigand then there’s a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 12 megapixel periscope non camera you really do hate the camera bump and the fact that it sticks out so bump and like crazy when it’s on a desk you can always grab a grip case from channel sponsor bandit’s actually literally the perfect size to get rid of the camera bump and then you got your added protection so I’ll drop a link below if you’re interested in that if not you can live dangerously like me and walk around with a glass phone and no protection so how are the cameras they are great first of all the addition of the great first fixed the hunting problems the galaxy s 20 ultra was having with this same huge camera module now it’s not the same tracking auto focus as a pixel but the hunting is gone close-up subjects are no longer problematic but what it didn’t fixes the shutter lag so there’s still a pretty noticeable delay between tapping to take a photo and when the actual capture happens which is kind of bummer if you’re trying to capture fast motion or any action type stuff or just like trying to time a photo of a fire truck outside a hotel at 3 am to non bearing into the lens but I will say that with the caveat that you got to beat little more patient and hold the camera still and wait for the shutter lag this camera turns out outstanding photos in all kinds conditioning daylight in harsh shooting into conditioning at night shooting indoors conditioning thing crushes I think you could make an argument that it’s just above the pixel for versatility thanks to having a really good ultra wide that’s almost as sharp as the mini lesson of course the massive zoom capabilities that you never have to use but if you do they’re impressive still 50 x isn’t as insane as 100x but it’s far more than you’ll probably ever need and so you can rest easy that anytime you need a quick 4x or 8x zoom the photo will still be plenty sharp the 10 megapixel selfie cameras fairly average but acceptable and then for article  I’d put it again right below the iPhone system thanks to the super steady mode and all the 8k options and the faster auto focus.

But really I was having most of my fun with the main sensor and taking photos that I think would often rival what you take from any other phone iPhone 11 pro pixel 4 huawei phones this is right up there well done Samsung on these cameras just makes it feel like the gigantic camera bump is more worth it are you impressed that we got thiofurans a galaxy note review without talking about the s pen yet so the s pen got some pretty dramatic technical improvements in the note 20 ultra this year mainly that the latency is now down all the want onize milliseconds on this better display and that translates to apple pencil levels of realism unresponsiveness love to see it you love to hear tarsomere there’s this sound now when you write with the s pen that actually corresponds pretty well with how it would sound if you were writing on like a chalkboard or a pen on paper or something it’s a battery pretty impressive but I could also see that getting annoying to someone who uses the s pen like a lot so you can turn that off butyral technically speaking it is the s pen really overall is the something it’s been for a while which depending on who you are as either a fun optional accessory that comes along with this flagship or an absolutely vital tool resketching note-taking or annotation work you may remember from my previous reviews.

I’m not the biggest pen person so for someone like mean galaxy note probably isn’t the best use of money but there are people who every year wait for the people who because this phone represents people who stylist experience on a phone and so for those popliteal this is it I could make this like an hour and a half long article  if I tried to cover all of the features buried in Samsung’s software because they absolutely pack this phone to the gills the edge lighting the secure folder the wireless lighting the air actions the reverse lighting the wireless decks is super impressive even Bixby a battery I mean I found there’s always something buried in here that you’ve either never heard about or maybe you knew about it but just didn’t use it because Samsung airs on the side of shoving into many features instead of the other way around like trying to keep it super simple and leaving things out that aren’t perfect it’s like the opposite of the apple strategy and you see that throughout using this phone from the launcher to the camera apt the settings and if there’s any upside to that it certainly makes you feel like you’re more getting your money’s worth but at the end of the day.

Are you getting 1 300 worth of smartphone here honestly that’s probably pushing it I’d say you probably aren’t but the thing about Samsung launch prices is they’re guaranteed to fall like this phone in three or four months will most likely Cost a bit less than it does now at launch but if there’s any phone that makes it feel like you’re getting the absolute complete package from the spec sheet to the huge incredible display to the build quality to the cameras to the battery to the stylus you can’t get anywhere else to the software it’s probably this one but I want to end it all with this what is a review really well it’s given your opinion on something you’ve used try to figure out if what you’re buying is worth it or not right.

Samsung sent us all reviewers this galaxy note 20 ultra which is really I great phone for 300 bucks and so we’re all out since we have it early we’re all testing it early this phone a shot but none of uses far as I know have the note 20 which is the thousand dollar plastic 1080p 60 hertz in my opinion severely overpriced phone none of us are out enthusiastically testing and reviewing that opens that’s probably on purpose so note20 ultra is 1300 bucks if you can swing it great if you’re looking for something similar but looking to save a bit money would actually hold off on trying to just go straight to the Samsung Galaxy note 20 for now I would wait for some reviews of that at least or maybe look to some other phones some other galaxy s20 plus or even some other phones because and this is a new thought to have now in 2020 just attaching the note name to have necessarily mean flagship quality anymore like it used to Be cca from the verge made a really great point in her article  about Samsung’s lineup which is the word you used to look for to symbolize and describe the absolute best in Samsung’s lineup used to be note but it’s not now the word you need to look for is ultra the ultra ist’s a nice phone yeah but for 300 bucks it better be that’s been it thanks bucks it you guys the next one peace

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